Mileage Mania

Annual Mileage Challenge To Benefit Freedom Service Dogs
Our annual mileage fund-raiser began as a casual competition on Facebook in 2014. In 2015, it was made into a charity event and raised over $200 for Wounded Warrior Project. For 2016, Freedom Service Dogs was selected as the recipient and we raised $345. In 2017, we raised a whopping $775.

Riders from all over log in their starting and ending mileage for the season, and ride a lot in between. Mileage totals are calculated at the end of the year, and the top three riders receive very meager prizes. This is for charity, after all.

How does it work? First, you register via the RideMaster website , and pay the $15 registration fee (of which, 100% is given to the charity). On or after March 15th, email a photo of your starting mileage - a photo of your bike's odometer, also showing a receipt dated on or after March 15th - to . Then ride. And ride. Then ride some more. Email a photo of your odometer showing your ending mileage (no receipt necessary), no later than midnight EST on November 15th. Mileage totals will be calculated and verified with all riders.
Who can participate? Anyone, anywhere, with a motorcycle or motorcycle-style trike (including Can-Am Spyder). You can even use more than one motorcycle - just be sure to send starting and ending mileage for each bike.

What's it all for? All money received from entry fees and donations goes directly to Freedom Service Dogs . This organization has been around since 1987, rescuing shelter dogs and training them to be assistance dogs for children, veterans, and other people in need.  It has repeatedly been rated among the top ten veteran-related charities in the USA. All of the expenses of running the Mileage Mania - mailings, stickers, prizes - are covered by Jeff and Todd of

So I do what now?  Register at RideMaster and pay the entry fee. On or after March 15th, submit your starting mileage by emailing a photo of your bike's odometer with a current receipt showing the date. Then ride...a lot. Before midnight on November 15th, submit your ending mileage by emailing a photo of your odometer (no receipt necessary). Final standings are announced by the end of November. Brag about how many miles you rode this year.

Is that it?  Yes, that's it. No fuel logs, no maps, no photo-tags. Just starting and ending mileage. It's a fund-raiser; the challenge is just for some friendly fun amongst riders.

Questions?  Send your questions and comments to Jeff .

Congratulations to the 2017 top riders:

1. Kenneth Andrews, 48,864 miles
2. Lauren Secular, 37,318 miles
3. Dale Bundy, 30,532 miles

Join Our Group


Join our Mileage Maniacs Facebook Group to chat with other riders and find more places to ride. Also, rider starting and ending mileage can be posted on the group page, if you prefer.
Register for the current Mileage Mania challenge at RideMaster . Entry fee is $15, all of which goes to Freedom Service Dogs.